IPhone is Disabled? How to fix with or Without Connecting to iTunes

Have you ever picked up your phone and find out a message "iPhone is disabled and try again. In the worst case the message shows as "iPhone are disabled, Connect to iTunes ". So here in this article, we will discuss the reason for Disable iPhone and How to fix this problem.

Why my iPhone is disabled? You need to enter a passcode and a Touch ID to enter unlocking your device but when you incorrectly entered till five times you will receive iPhone is Disabled message on your screen. iPhone Repair incorrect Passcode entries disable your iPhone for a particular amount of time but waiting time is too bad. Let's discuss fixing a disabled iPhone.

Fixing the iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes. No Doubt this is the worst scenario that requires you to connect to the computer for getting access to your Phone. So if you still remember the iPhone passcode you can simply your device by using iTunes though it requires a restore. Connect your Phone with your computer with the USB cable and launch iTunes. Choose sync and enter your passcode when requested to unlock your device this backs up the iPhone with your computer. After that,

You have to choose to restore the iPhone from the most recent Backup. If you forgot your iPhone passcode you need to clean your phone and erase all your data by using recovery mode. if you made a backup to the iTunes or I Cloud, you can restore it for backup. So if you don't know your password you have to go through the process in which all your data will be removed permanently. There is no way around this to unlock your iPhone and access the Data. Still can't understand the Procedure? Go to iPhone Repair to get services of your Problem.